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Rookie Select Tournament Rules
Submitted By John McBeth on Friday, July 5, 2019
The following are the rules for the 2019 Rookie Select Tournament!

The following rules apply specifically to the Rookie Ball division in addition to the other tournament rules stated herein:

Prior to the start of each game, a player line-up (maximum 18 players) with sweater numbers and surnames listed must be provided to the scorekeeper.

RK 1


RK.1.2 RK.1.3 RK.1.4


RK.1.6 RK.1.7

RK.1.8 RK.1.9





A circle; eight (8) foot in diameter with its centre at 44 feet from home plate, will surround the pitching machine. The pitcher must stand beside the pitching machine outside the safety circle and behind the release point of the pitching machine. Lines shall be drawn from the release point to 4 ft. beyond the circle. The pitcher must have both feet on the white line or within 4 ft behind the line until the ball is released from the machine.

The machine speed will be set at 40 mph. A coach will operate the machine. A regulation baseball approved for Mosquito//Tyke will be used.

If a batted ball hits the machine, the ball is dead; the batter is awarded first base and any base runner is moved who is forced to advance by the batter being awarded first base.

The pitcher must stand beside or behind the pitching machine outside the safety circle. The pitcher must wear a regulation batting helmet designed by the manufacturer with a face mask and chinstrap attached to protect from an errant ball that hits the machine.

Each batter will receive a maximum of 5 pitches. If the batter does not hit a fair ball within five pitches, he will be declared out. If the batter has two strikes and misses the third strike he will be declared out. A foul tip with two strikes will be a third strike if the ball is caught and the batter will be declared out.

A strike is a pitch which the batter swings at and misses or is a foul ball. There are no called strikes.

A pitch which is over the batter's head or bounces in the dirt will be ruled a ‘no pitchunless the batter swings at the pitch.

Batters cannot obtain a base on balls.

To stop defensive play, any infielder who has control of the ball and is standing within the understood boundaries of the infield, between or within the direct line of the bases & home plate, can ask for time to be called. Note: The ball does not have to go back to the pitcher before an infield may ask for time. Time will be granted at the umpires discretion & may not be granted if a baseball playis still underway.


All players present shall be listed on the teams batting line-up and shall bat in that order. Any player arriving late maybe added to the bottom of the batting order, provided their team has not completed one rotation through the batting order or the game has completed two innings. (PENALTY-COACH/MANAGER SUSPENDED FOR REMINDER OF GAME PLUS NEXT GAME).

A game forfeit will be declared and a score of 7 - 0 will be recorded if a team is unable to field a team of 9 players at the scheduled starting time, or at any point during the game.


RK.2.3 Bunting is not permitted (PENALTY - BATTER IS OUT).

RK.2.4 Stealing is not permitted. (PENALTY - RUNNER IS OUT).

RK.2.5 Runners may not lead-off until the ball is hit. (PENALTY - RUNNER IS OUT).

RK.2.6 Base runners may only advance on a ball which is hit in fair territory or a foul ball caught in play. Usual rules apply about tagging up before advancing and at their own risk would apply to caught foul balls. Base runners may not advance on a passed ball or a pitched ball returned to the pitcher by the catcher.

RK.2.7 An inning will end when three outs are made.

RK.2.8 The infield fly rule does not apply.

RK.2.9 All catchers are required to wear full catchers equipment during the game and during warm-ups. Use of a catchers mitt is optional.

RK.2.10 A defensive coach may call one infield conference per inning.

RK.2.11 MERCY: If the home team is ahead by 15 or more runs after three and a half innings, or at any time beyond this point, the home team will be declared the winner. If the visiting team is ahead by 15 or more runs after four or more complete innings, the visiting team will be declared the winner.

RK.2.12 No player may enter the circle surrounding the pitching machine in an attempt to field the ball. This will be a dead ball and all runners & including the batter runner will be awarded one base.

RK.2.13 The coach operating the pitching machine may instruct the batter before feeding the machine, but shall not instruct runners during the play. PENALTY: the coach shall be warned. If the action continues, the coach will be removed from the game.

No new inning shall be started after one hour, forty-five minutes after the official first pitch time

Innings one through four will have a five run maximum

Innings five and after will be open innings

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